Services Offered

  • PSD to WordPress
  • PSD to phpLD
  • Development of custom Content Management Systems using PHP/MySQL or PHP/XML

Law Directory

A niche directory which features listings of law service providers from around the world. The law directory provides listings of lawyers and law firms in areas which includes but is not limited to family law, immigration, malpractice and business & corporate Law. It also features listings of paralegal service providers and of those who provide […]

WordPress Custom Template Builder

I came across the Impact Page Builder plugin for WordPress a few days back and I thought I’d blog about it. There is a lot of customization that can be done to WordPress using themes but there isn’t much that can be done without modifying a WordPress theme. There are other CMS systems which let […]

India State City Database List

Update: The download package now includes the list in SQL table format. It’s been a long time since I made my last post but I am here now to provide you with a database of states and cities from India which is available for download in CSV and SQL format and also as a PHP […]

Guide to installing WordPress locally

After having finished writing the Guide to installing a web server, I have written another guide which deals with the installation of WordPress locally on a Windows computer. To be able to install WordPress on your computer, be sure to have a web server up and running. You can read the guide here: Installing WordPress […]

Guide to installing a web server

It’s been a few months since I last wrote an article for the Spunky Jones SEO Blog. But I have just finished writing a guide which deals with the installation of a web server on a computer running Windows. The article has been published and you can view it here: Installing a Web Server on […]

Blogging And WordPress Hosting

If you’re interested in getting attention for your business or have something you want to promote, then you need a blog. Almost every major company has a website that includes a blog. Your website really isn’t complete without one. Here’s why: The Problem with Your Website Your company’s website is full of static information. Sure, […]