Guide to installing WordPress locally

After having finished writing the Guide to installing a web server, I have written another guide which deals with the installation of WordPress locally on a Windows computer. To be able to install WordPress on your computer, be sure to have a web server up and running. You can read the guide here: Installing WordPress Locally on Your Computer

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Guide to installing a web server

It’s been a few months since I last wrote an article for the Spunky Jones SEO Blog. But I have just finished writing a guide which deals with the installation of a web server on a computer running Windows. The article has been published and you can view it here: Installing a Web Server on your Windows Based Computer

The guide deals with installing XAMPP which is a web server package consisting of components like a web server software, database management system, interpreters etc.

By installing a web server locally, you can use it for development use. You won’t need a web host to develop your applications. You can develop them locally and once you are done with the development process, you can upload the applications to your host.

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Fetching entries from your Blog’s feed

Here’s another article that covers the process of installing Feed2JS. Feed2JS is a script or tool that uses relies on an RSS feed to fetch a number of entries from that weed. This isn’t specific for any software. It can be used by any, even custom ones which support RSS.

The script works client side which is the opposite of server side. In layman’s term, a server side script does the required processing on the server where as a client side scrpt does it on the local computer. So basically what happens is that, you will be adding a script generated by this tool and you’ll be pasting it somewhere on your site. And on that location, you’ll see a bunch of posts from your blog. Cool, isn’t it?

And you wouldn’t have to worry about search engines either. Nor about adding no-follow tags to everylink. Because JavaScript is client side, google nor any other related services parse the content. As far as they are concerned, there are no links from your blog on that site. Isn’t that cool?

Guide to installing PHP Link Directory

Here’s another article I have written for the MadMouse blog which covers the process of installing PHP Link Directory Script. The title of the guide is Guide to installing PHP Link Directory. I tried to cover a lot in this guide and I hope I haven’t missed anything important. Although that’s highly unlikely. The article was created for new users who are at the moment not very familiar with the process of uploading, downloading and installing the script. I’ll write more articles and guides like these if I get a position response from the readers

This guide doesn’t even assume users to have experience working with PHP, FTP or MySQL databases. It covers everything. Yes, everything 🙂

If you are looking for a phpLD installation article that is well written and covers most if not all topics, then you should definitely read this. Hopefully, after reading that you won’t need to read another guide or article

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