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If you don’t know about it already, the Ubuntu distribution of Linux gives away its installation CDs for free. Free as in, absolutely free.

I have been using Ubuntu regularly from the past 3 years. I like using Linux because it makes me feel cool. The first time I ever used Linux was in 2001 and the distribution was Mandrake. I had used Mandrake for around 2 years and then decided on using Slackware because it was the oldest available distribution of Linux (and it still is). And then in 2006 I discovered Ubuntu and found out it was based on Debain. I always wanted to try Debain but I could never manage to download it because of its enormous size (around 25 GB!). Also I was in for a relatively light weight distribution and Ubuntu seemed like a great choice. And the best thing of all was that it gave away (and still does) CDs for free. It doesn’t even charge you the shipping cost!

If you are interested in trying out Ubuntu and want to get a free copy of its installation CD then you can order it using their ShipIt service. Also it’s important to note that Ubuntu uses GNOME. The version that uses KDE is known as Kubuntu and if you would prefer Kubuntu then you can order it using it’s ShipIt service.

Ubuntu is a great distribution and you won’t regret using it no matter if you are going to be trying Linux for the first time or you are a veteran Linux/Unix user. Also the great thing about this distribution is that it’s very easy to install and you’ll find a lot of documentation and support on their forums.

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