Pictures from my Wedding

I have finally found the time to sort out worthy pictures from my wedding I could create a gallery from. I hope you like the images that I have uploaded. The gallery can be reached by clicking on the following link

Be sure to leave your comments. I would definitely like to hear what you think.

Posted on: 11th March 2009 |
Under: Personal

5 responses to “Pictures from my Wedding”

  1. Philippe says:

    Naif, you look majestic!

  2. Rob C says:

    Congratulations naif!

    I wish you much happiness with your new wife.

  3. Naif Amoodi says:

    Thank you Philippe and Rob 🙂

  4. Amit says:

    Very cool pics Naif bhai 🙂

  5. Bilal says:

    Congratulations!! you look decent.

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