Here is a comprehensive list of services I offer which is followed by a list of skills I consider my forte

Frontend Development

  1. Slicing designs and converting them into valid XHTML and CSS code. The code will be CSS based (i.e. tableless), clean, well structured, optimized for search engines and most importantly, it will be cross browser compatible.
  2. Integrating designs/templates into various scripts like phpLD, WordPress, etc.

Backend Development

  1. Developing content management systems using PHP/MySQL for small to medium sized websites


  1. XHTML/CSS Coding
    • XHTML 1.0 Strict / Transitional – Valid
    • CSS 2.0 – Valid
    • Tableless markup
    • Lightweight and optimized for search engines
    • Accessible and Usable
    • Maximum cross-browser compatibility (Guaranteed compatibility with IE 6, IE 7, Firefox and Opera)
    • Complete seperation of presentation from structure
    • Semantically correct markup
  2. PHP/MySQL Programming
    • Planning and database design
    • Code is written using procedural method – Code is broken into functions and all modules are split into individual files
  3. In page optimization for search engines
    • Rewriting content for better search engine results

Note: I am not a designer. Hence I do not provide any designs. You’ll need to hire a designer if you are in search of a design for your website. Once you acquire a design, you can contact me and get it coded into XHTML/CSS.