PR 7 Parked Domain? is a parked domain with a PageRank of 7. Odd, isn’t it?

If you do a search on Google for you will see this domain has around 450 registered backlinks and by doing a search for “” you will notice around 823,000 references to it

If you are wondering how the owner of that domain managed to get so many backlinks and references then the answer is simple. He didn’t! When people want to refer to example domains they usually use or If a person is writing a guide or an article and he needs to use an example domain he would probably use a random domain name like this. And the most commonly used seems to be Hence, even though that domain is of no value, it still has a PageRank of 7. This goes to show that the PageRank algorithm Google depends upon (to an extent) is flawed

So in the future if you have to use an example domain then use one of the following instead:


These domains are reserved by the IETF through RFC 2606 (Reserved Top Level DNS Names) for the sole purpose of being used in examples and they are not available for registration. They can also be used for creating example email and ftp addresses like [email protected] and respectively

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